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Shri Arjun Munda is a popular tribal leader from The Bharatiya Janata Party. He is currently the Member of Parliament (MP) from the Khunti Constituency in Jharlkand and also the Union Cabinet Minister, Tribal Affairs.

He has been into social work and politics since an early age. Born and brought up in a middle-class tribal family in Jamshedpur, he grew up to champion the well-being, growth and development of tribals who were an exploited lot. At an early age, he was drawn towards the Jharkhand movement. A believer in the welfare of the tribal people of his region, he felt passionate about the issue and took an active part in the movement and was known for his inclusive philosophy. He was soon recognized as a tribal leader of influence.

Soon he was representing the people as MLA and served from 1995 to 2014. He was also the MP in between for some short time periods. After the formation of the Jharkhand State on November 15, 2000, he served as a Tribal Welfare Minister and was declared the Chief Minister soon.

As a Union Cabinet Minister, with his subject matter expertise in tribal affairs, and with his able leadership, he is steering the Tribal Affairs ministry to greater heights and truly delivering unprecedented benefits to the tribal population. He also has the additional charge as Minister, Agriculture & Farmers Welfare.

As MP of Khunti, Jharkhand, he has contributed immensely with a number of schemes, especially related to health and job creation. He is a regular visitor and always has developmental activities lined up, for the well-being and prosperity of his constituency.

As former Chief Minister of Jharkhand, he has been instrumental in some of the famous welfare schemes and programs that were later emulated by other Indian states.

As a person, he has been a fitness and yoga proponent, he promotes a healthy way of life. A sports enthusiast, he was the founder of the Jharkhand State Cricket Association and has also served as the President of the Archery Association of India. He also plays the flute and almost all tribal musical instruments widely used in the area.